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Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements

Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements are applicable to tenancies commencing in 2019 and thereafter in respect of appropriate government premises let out by the GPA. Under the new leasing arrangements, GPA will give priorities to non-government organisations (NGOs) and social enterprises (SEs) with policy support in leasing the appropriate premises, and will also incorporate tenancy provisions in appropriate premises to facilitate business operations of small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) by providing longer and flexible tenure as well as rental arrangement pegged with the business turnover of tenants. We expect that the new leasing arrangements will facilitate the provision of social services by NGOs and SEs with a view to promoting a caring culture. With the implementation of the new leasing arrangements, GPA will listen to the view of stakeholders so as to continue refining the mechanism to better support SEs, NGOs and SMEs.

Press here to view the quotation notice of Government premises currently invited under the Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements.

Press here to view the Application Form for inclusion in the GPA Invitation List under the Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements.

If you have any enquiry related to the Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements, please contact Miss Kelly Wong of GPA at 3842 6869 or send email to

Quotation Forecast for Government Premises under Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements
(Subject to review from time to time)

Note : The Quotation Forecast for Government premises under Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements (“the Quotation Forecast”) below is published for information purpose only and shall not be construed to imply that prior notice is hereby or will be given by Government Property Agency (GPA) of the quotation invitation date for any premises listed in the forecast. GPA does not warrant that any premises to be put up for quotation will be included in the above Quotation Forecast and for any period of time before that premises is put up for quotation. GPA will, at its discretion and without giving prior notice, withdraw any premises from the Quotation Forecast without putting up that premises for quotation or insert any other premises in the Quotation Forecast. For premises currently put up for quotation, please refer to the Quotation Notices (solely for Socially Caring Leasing Arrangements).

The particulars of the quotation below are tentative and for indication purpose only. They are subject to changes. For exact terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement please refer to the respective quotation documents to be available upon quotation invitation. GPA does not accept any liability or claim, whether legal or otherwise:

  1. if any premises is put up for quotation without having previously included that property in the Quotation Forecast; or
  2. if GPA withdraws any premises from the Quotation Forecast; or
  3. if any changes of particulars of the premises occur in the Quotation Forecast.

(Last modified: March 2023)

Location Tenancy Area (m2) (About) Proposed Term Proposed User Proposed
Invitation Date
Tenancy Plan
A Government Property for a café on a Portion in the Restricted Area on the Departure Level of China Hong Kong City China Ferry Terminal, No. 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 93.7 3 years For the purpose of a café for the supply of meals, light refreshments, beverages and other food commodities open to all members of the public and ancillary retail uses (excluding storage, sale, display or distribution of duty-free goods, perfume and cosmetics) only End of March 2023
(quotation closed in Early May 2023)
Shop No. 3 at the Departure Waiting Hall, Deck 1, Inner Pier of the Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 7 3 years (i) Newspapers or magazines retail counter, or
(ii) such other retail / provision of services as may be approved in writing by the Director of Marine under Special Condition No.(43) of the Third Schedule to the Form of Tenancy Agreement
Feb 2023
(quotation closed in Apr 2023)
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